24 weeks

Sometimes I feel like I can’t show my excitement or happiness because it won’t matter to others or they won’t share that. And that feeling diminishes my own. I need to try and push that feeling away and be happy regardless.

My baby reached viability today, which means that if something happened and he were born now he would have a chance of survival because his lungs are developed enough. 

This is the newest in a string of my own milestones, ones I’m sure any other mother that has experienced miscarriage can relate to:  At 20 weeks there is no longer a chance of miscarriage (at that point it becomes stillbirth, but still).  At 19 weeks I had my anatomy scan and everything was perfect and right on track. Around 15 weeks I began feeling his movements and kicks. At 13 weeks I entered the second trimester. At 10 weeks I saw him on his first ultrasound and heard his heartbeat. At 7 weeks, he had survived longer than I had kept a baby. 

There are more to come. I will be so thankful for each of them. And I will strive to keep my excitement, my joy, my thanks, for him and with him… because this little snail is making it. 

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