28 Hours and 1200 Miles

For the last week, I have been hermitting. My days have been spent with Oakley (and Jeremy in the evenings) reading, napping, watching Orange Season 2 with Jeremy and Longmire Season 2 on my own, napping, playing WoW, walking Oak, napping, cooking, doing laundry, and letting my car sit in the same parking spot all week. It has been nice, being my first real alone time since December. And it has been happy, which I never was back before December.

So, long overdue, here is Part 1 of what has been going on in the last three weeks since I’ve blogged:

Packing and Preparing
The first week in June was the last week of school. I packed up my classroom, gave my bitties lots of hugs, and went home to pack up my room at my dad’s. That week was ridiculously crazy and the only time I stopped at all during my days was to go to bed at night: wake up, get ready, drive, teach (with no breaks because it was the last week), stay late to pack, drive, pack, sleep.

That Friday was the day teachers finish off their rooms, turn in all of the paperwork of the year, and turn in their keys. I knew that I was leaving Saturday, that there was no extra time, and I ended up being done by 10am because of all of the extra work I did throughout the week. I read in my classroom until we were allowed to turn in our keys at 3. Then I stuck around anyways for another hour and a half before heading to the airport to pick up Jeremy. His flight was delayed an hour, but he eventually landed.


We picked up a rental SUV (cheaper than a UHaul) for him and then finished my hour commute home, went out to eat with my dad and stepmom, went to Walmart for some supplies for the drive, and then I went to check him in at his hotel since it was under my name. I fell asleep on the couch; by then it was 11pm.

Road Trip to Texas
On Saturday morning, Jeremy and I went back to my dad’s, loaded up my car and the rental SUV, ate lunch, and then set off for Texas at 12:30pm.



We drove, with short breaks to eat and go to the bathroom, for the next 17 hours. Because of the stops, the route, and the weather, it took 11 hours just to drive through Florida.


We went to sleep at 4:30am, now Central time, in the Walmart parking lot of Magee, Mississippi. Two hours later, we woke with the sun:


Two sausage biscuits later, we were back on the road. The highlight of the next eleven hours was crossing the Mississippi River and entering Texas, my new home:


170 miles later, and cursing Google Maps (which quoted 18 hours for a 28 hour trip, albeit with a few breaks), we unloaded the cars, showered, and ordered Pizza Hut.

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  1. I remember how brutal the waiting was before my flight to FL. I remember the intensely long and lonely drive to TX. It all seems like a blur now. All of the effort, anxiety, and preparation previously involved was definitely worth it. We have taken a new step in our journey, and I am looking forward to our future together =D

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