A Reminder


My principal posted this last night on the school’s Facebook page of two of my students from last year walking back to class from the library reading. I felt so much joy when I saw. They grew so much last year together, always tackling new and harder books. I put them together often so that they could challenge, help, and encourage each other.

I needed this reminder: This is what I do. Most of my bitties don’t come to me reading or enjoying reading. Half of my current Kinders destroy my books more than they read them. They’ll get there, just like these two. Right now where they are is a part of the process and it is ok. And, if I listen close enough, I can already hear the beginnings of it… like on Tuesday when I heard J going through the pages of a Pete the Cat book and retelling the story and singing the song. It’s not easy and it takes time, but that’s what makes moments like the one above so special.

This is what I do.

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