Heather Shahan
author, artist, teacher, fairy

Age: 29
Location: Texas, USA
Email: skyefairy (at) gmail.com



Hi! My name is Heather but many people know me online as Ember or, if you’ve been here since the beginning, Skye. I live with my MEANIEHEAD wonderful husband Jeremy, son Isaac, and earth elemental dog Oakley. I was born on June 4, am a proud Aspie, moved to Texas in June 2014, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University, and am currently working as a kindergarten teacher by day.

By night I am an author which is the same thing as being a superhero if I do say so myself. I have self-published three books in The Maisara Series, am working on a re-write to send out to publishers, and have plans going for two more trilogies in the same world. When I’m not shaping young minds or saving the world I can usually be found drawing, working on this website, or slaying dragons on World of Warcraft (usually as Ember).