And All The Kids They Dance


My friend Christine saw me drawing a picture of one of my bitties one morning and asked me to paint something for her music classroom. She wanted to add some color to her room with something that the kids could relate to.

I’m not a painter. I had tried it a few times, but never finished anything because I gave up in frustration. I didn’t like the way colors would blend in ways I didn’t want. I didn’t like having to stop painting and take breaks to wait for the paint to dry. I didn’t like all of the clean up involved.

When I drew pictures, I could draw for hours on end or a few minutes at a time. I knew how to control things. I could add all the detail I wanted.

Christine sent me a picture of those crayon melt crafts. She liked all of the colors dripping down. When I thought of it in a different way, it made me think of rain. I’ve always loved rain. It always made me feel alive and free (when I wasn’t trying to protect my phone or a book from getting ruined). Certain songs and music can do that, too. So that’s where I started.

I waited until summer break to start, allowing myself the time and freedom and time I needed. I painted the rain first, covering the whole canvas with navy blue and adding streaks of light blue, purple, and white, then using a clean brush to spread the colors more. After it dried I sketched out the girl and umbrella, then started painting. I blended colors to add highlights and shadows and tried to embrace the imperfection, the lack of detail. I have always loved Rebecca Kinkead‘s paintings, after all.

Acrylic paint on canvas.
10in x 14in.
5 hours.
Music notes from “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” by Coldplay

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  1. I could totally relate with the frustration.

    The list of people I follow on Instagram grew over the last month because I started following artists who have absolutely lovely artworks. I can’t even tell how much time I spend rifling through paintings and calligraphy posts on there and pine over their talent.

    I’m glad that you got rid of the hesitation and picked up a brush and finished a piece at that. Hopefully I’ll get rid of my hesitation as well and start learning the basics of watercolor painting.

    My younger brother is currently taking up a degree in Animation and one of his courses this semester is watercolor painting. Whenever I pass by his desk at home while he’s working on a painting, I absentmindedly stop by and watch him paint (which annoys him because he keeps insisting painting isn’t one of his strengths and that watching him gets him really conscious).

    Keep practising with the brush and paint. Can’t wait to see your future paintings here! <3

  2. I love it and love the musical notes from that song. Coldplay is awesome but I figure you picked that song to reflect the mood of the painting. Good job!

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