When we brought Isaac home Oakley was very excited to meet the little one that had been kicking him for the last few months  He wagged his tail, jumped up on the couch next to us, and kissed his new baby brother. 

And that’s the thing. He loves this kid. So much so that every time we take him to an appointment Oak overflows with joy when we return and he realizes we didn’t return him to the hospital. Also so much so that he wouldn’t cuddle him or let me even try to lay Isaac near him for fear of accidentally hurting him. 

That is until this past week. I guess 1 month old is old enough to cuddle. 

This happened earlier in the week when Isaac was napping and Oakley was taking that chance to soak up some time with me. He gradually stretched out and pressed his foot against the bottom of Isaac’s. 
The next day, while I was nursing Isaac, Oak rested his head on his feet. I know he was wanting my attention but it is still an action he never would have done before. 
On Thursday, the day Isaac turned 1 month old, Oakley let me lay Isaac down next to him without jumping up and moving. 
And then yesterday during tummy time, Oakley laid down next to his baby brother and initiated cuddles all on his own. 


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