Classroom Visitor

It started with a shriek from one of my toughest students. Then the other kids came running over. 

“Teacher, come kill it!”

Back in my day my Grampa had banana spiders as “pets” (I took him literally) and I used to catch crickets and grasshoppers to feed them. Back in my day, I killed them via the food chain. 

Or kept them as my own pets. For example, this is Noelle and our captured pet Heathcliff:


Today’s scary visitor  was much smaller. I captured and housed him in a sandwich ziplock bag that I’d punched holes in with a paper clip. This is him overlooking our class until lunch time when we could free him:

He is now living his life free outside, quite safe from the execution sentence demanded by five year olds (who couldn’t believe that I pardoned him).

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