Oakley has been a part of my family for the past nine months but up until recently his place in that spot has always been in comparison with Bear.

Oak doesn’t like to cuddle as much as Bear did. Oak requires a long walk as compensation for going to the bathroom outside–and then only if he decides to, whereas Bear went the second you let him into the yard. Oak doesn’t respect my computer time. Oak shreds everything.

Bear slept above my head but Oak sleeps at my feet. Bear cuddled with Jasmine but Oak chases and pounces on her, quite frequently. Bear loved green beans and Oak prefers pizza crusts.

Bear was my comfort through the deaths of three very important people.

Lately, though, Oakley has started standing on his own. He cuddles me in the morning before I get up. He keeps me company throughout the day, poking me with his nose quite frequently for play breaks. When I cry, he literally kisses my tears away. When I’m sad, he gives me the smile that I can’t help giving back.

As I Facebooked last night: Sometimes all it takes is for Oak to kiss my cheek and lay down right next to me for rubs.

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