Designing: Library and Desk

This is my new library. Yes, it is relatively small. Over the last three moves it has downsized dramatically and has not grown due to the introduction of my Kindle. (Instead I’ve been growing my class library, though I downsized that with the move too, giving over 300 of my own books to this last group of bitties). But, regardless of its size, I took great joy and pride into designing it.



Instead of using traditional bookshelves, I used five crates. Two are the Kinder Book Bins I decorated a year-ish ago. When I move those into my new classroom, I’ll replace them with plain ones.

The books in and on the four crates to the left are my fiction, sorted by author alphabetically and then by series. My big books of history split the two and the books in the last crate to the right are the rest of my non-fiction, sorted by topic and then by author.

Until I have my new classroom, my class comfy pillows are on the sides.


This is my new writing/drawing desk. I can’t look at it without getting extremely excited! It is so nice to have a home for my supplies, instead of keeping them in a bag that moves from location to location and needs to be unpacked each time.

The shelves on the side have my writing notebooks, my sketchbooks (used and new), unopened packs of extra colored pencils etc, my copies of my published books, and one of my fairies. On top of the desk on the side are the supplies I regularly use: my current writing notebook; my plot cards; a coffee mug with my colored pencils; crayons; two owl toothbrush holders from Walmart with my drawing pencils, charcoal pencils, and watercolor pencils, which all sit on top of my copy of Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg. My big drawing boards and sketch books are on the right side between the desk and the wall. An owl trash can sits beneath the desk.

On the wall to the right is a mask I made in 5th grade. It is very ugly and strange and my mom once had to superglue it back together, but I like it for some strange reason. The canvas above the desk is one I found back in 2011 and fell in love with. Yes, it was featured in Gus’ room in The Fault in Our Stars movie. Yes, that made me bounce excitedly.

All in all, I’m loving the way everything is looking. I’ve done more little things here and there around the apartment and I have more to do once we get our computer desks set up. Maybe I’ll post more later? 🙂

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