Dream: Dead but Alive

This morning around 4 am I woke up from this dream, grabbed my phone, and typed up a few key words to remind me in the morning, then went back to sleep. It still seems as weird and bittersweet now as it was then.

In my dream, I was me as I am now. I went to the same university I do now, was the same age I am now, was dating Michael, etc. Except that I was dead. I wasnt a ghost, though. Everyone could see me, I could touch things normally, interact with people normally, etc. There was nothing about me that seemed anything different from normal alive me.

But for some reason it all hit me then, even though I had known it before; it just finally hit home that things that alive people could do might not be ready for me. I remember wondering if I would be able to get married or have kids.

I don’t think anybody knew except me because it felt like a secret.

Then one day in an hallway at uni, it hit me and I was bawling. And for some reason this row of headstones was in this hallway / outside walkway. One of my professors (looked like this high school teacher that visits my work regularly) was there.

I took out some sticky notes and wrote “hello.” on one and stuck it on the wall above my headstone. He noticed, looked at the name, seemed kinda suprised it had my name, asked who it was and I said

I looked down at it then and the death date carved in was November 11, 2003, the same day that my mom died.

Then I woke up.

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  1. Reading this sort of reminded me about the worst nightmare I’ve ever had. I don’t really talk about it with anyone because it just really gives me the creeps.

    I awoke from that dream full of tears in my eyes. It was like I was crying the whole time.

  2. i’ve been beginning to relate spiritual things to real life. i was never really that person, but through my faith i think god tries to communicate to us in many ways but we don’t know how to listen quite yet. even though this isn’t exactly the most positive message, i believe it was there for a reason and that it greatly effects you. hopefully you draw some meaning from all of this and make decisions based off it that ultimately benefit you.

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