Effie’s Family


11 hours. A sort of collage of pictures of my best friend Effie and her family: Jason (husband/dudeperson), Mick (son), and Kairi (daughter).

It wasn’t my best because I rushed to get it done but they really liked it. It was supposed to be like pictures scattered on one of those patterned tablecloths. And this is a photo of it, not a scanning, because it was too big to scan as one picture.

It also has a sheet of paper in the background that has her poem written on it. You just can’t see the words because I wrote them lightly so that the next day when I gave it to her, she could write it in her handwriting.

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  1. When you first posted this I couldn’t wait to see the entire drawing. It’s a sweet thing to do for a friend, good job! =)

  2. Oh this is amazing! I’ve always wanted to do something like this but I can’t stand it after a couple of hours. x3

    Terrific work! 😀

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