First Grade is…

A week before I started back at my new school, I learned that I would be teaching first grade instead of Kindergarten. This brought many changes to my plans, but I think that it suits me better.

My last month has been jam packed with planning, organizing, creating, reading teacher blogs, teaching, and sleeping. I think I finally have my footing.

First Grade is…


With only a few exceptions, my students have early literacy skills. They are experienced with and love books. This year I will be building on that instead of creating the foundation itself. They’ve even been counting down to the release of I am Albert Einstein by Brad Meltzer on Tuesday with (almost) as much excitement as I have.


I spent most of my weekend creating reading groups, center schedules, and the centers themselves. I waited so long because I wanted to finish testing them so that I would know where they stand and where they need to grow. I want their work to be relevant. This morning I continued making some sorting centers at the dog park while Oakley got to run around. (I will post pictures of them in action once the bitties begin using them.)

First grade is curiosity. First grade is energy. First grade is fun.

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  1. I always enjoy hearing about the intense excitement your bitties have. They want to learn and have fun at the same time. I know they are in good hands 🙂

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