Fourth of July Makeup

Isn’t it strange how a memory will pop up on you unexpectedly for the first time in years–and I mean years–but feel like yesterday.

The other night I was doing makeup while thinking about my plans for Fourth of July and it hit me. A memory.

*cue fog-like memory scene with creepy music*

My mom had laid down on the bed, clearly wanting a nap but little-me wasn’t going to let her have it. I tried talking her, getting short answers. I attempted to pull her eyelids open, but they didn’t stay open long. I was bored and asked if I could do her makeup. She said yes and fell asleep.

I got out her makeup and climbed back onto the bed next to her. Hmm… she usually used blue eyeshadow so I put some on her, even more vibrant than usual. Dark red lipstick. Then it hit me! Red and blue like Fourth of July colors!

I added some white highlights to areas, gave her some bright red blush. How to complete it? I went into my kid makeup and added some glitter to her face, some glitter stars for the stars on the USA flag.

I was so proud.

Now I wonder what she really thought when she woke up.

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