Happy Birthday, Oakles!

My little Oakles turns three today. I have always thought of him as my wild child, the energetic and rebellious puppy that I love so very much. Two months ago I adopted him a little (big) brother, Jethro, and I have come to learn more about him in the process.

  • Oak is very conciliatory. He would much rather give you what you want than make a fuss over it.
  • Sweet Pea may be a giant compared to the 8-pound Bear that shared this home previously but he is by no means a large dog.
  • It is not normal for him to be as agile as he is. He is very talented.
  • He is smart. And I’m not talking about being able to type in complete sentences on Facebook. Oak is far quicker to notice things and catch on than ‘Ro.
  • He may act like he doesn’t care about the cuddles but he cares about the cuddles, especially when Jethro is getting the cuddles and even more so when Jethro cuts in on the cuddles.
  • He is still the one that brightens my day.

PS. He is not getting a pigeon for his birthday. We are taking him on a surprise trip to the dog park, which I do believe he will enjoy far more.

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