In Case of Emergency

Part of my Aspie is that I don’t do well with the unexpected. The way my mind combats that is by thinking about and planning for various scenarios when my mind wanders. This can be as minimal as figuring out how I would respond to something someone might say, to passing a cop car on the way home and remembering social cues so I wouldn’t look suspicious if pulled over, all the way to having a plan of action in case of zombie apocalypse or massive sun flare that resulted in a Maisara-like world. Some of it I use and some of it I don’t, but it has helped me handle changes and become more flexible in my daily life.

But speaking of end of the world type scenarios…

Jeremy’s uncle thinks this month will bring the end of the world. I’m not sure on the details.

I don’t think most end of the world events are really the end of the world, unless you’re talking about when another galaxy collides into ours and we all poof into star dust. It is still possible to survive a zombie outbreak. Some will still be here in the event of a rapture. There are places remote enough to survive massive nuclear blasts. You get my point.

Should I survive initial attack and I’m at work I figure that in a worst case scenario that does not leave me injured, I could travel the thirty miles from work to home in about ten hours of steady walking. This uses the timing we experimented with in middle school P.E. to time how long it took to casually walk a mile, which was 20 minutes. Granted my timing does not allow for pregnancy, hunger, fatigue, hiding from encroaching zombies or the rioting living, etc., but that is why I told Jeremy to give me up to a week before he moved on from our apartment.

His job is to loot (the world is ending here) Walmart and retrieve non perishable foods, water, Oakley food, and inhalers for me.

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