Introducing Isaac

Isaac was born a little over 24 hours ago, on December 21 at 12:04am. He was 8 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches long. 

After 12 hours of labor (almost 2 hours of pushing only to discover his head was facing the wrong way and unable to turn him), he was delivered by c section. He was getting revenge for my mom because I did the same to her. 

Yesterday morning was pretty horrible. The epidural was still connected until noon and between those pain meds, hormones, etc., I couldn’t breastfeed without throwing up. If I wasn’t feeding him or throwing up, I was asleep. 

They took out the epidural at noon and things improved immediately. His 12:30 feeding doubled in length and, feeling great, I held him skin to skin for the next two hours reveling in his baby cuddles. 

Jeremy’s family will be visiting to meet him later today and I Facetimed with my dad and stepmom last night so that they could meet the little cutie pie. Oak is awaiting Isaac’s homecoming on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how I’m healing. 

But now the cutest little one day old is done with his feeding and back in the nursery for a few more hours, so I better get some sleep. ❤️


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