I decided that a good response to my recent sadness is to find the things that bring me joy. This will help me answer the question What does Heather need? and hopefully break me of my moodies.  

  • Baby kicks
  • Hugs from Jeremy when I get home. 
  • Cuddling with Jeremy and watching TV. 
  • Cuddling with Oakley. 
  • Drawing
  • Reading
  • Writing

The problem with the list above is that they are all home things and I need some happy at work, too. (At work I’m moving constantly so I very rarely feel Key Lime kick.)

Thus, a second list: Things that make me happy at work:

  • Everything neat and in its spot. 
  • Happy and on task children
  • Light bulbs going off and progress being made
  • Sing alongs while we work
  • Bitties hugging or asking about baby
  • Lunches with Rachel (when I’m not so frazzled that I need to decompress)
  • Parents liking and commenting on the class Facebook page 
  • Little readers:

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