Looking Ahead

This year was a struggle for me. I moved to a new state to teach a new grade to a new demographic. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t get the chance to plan from experience. Most of what I did was put together as I went, brainstorms and light bulbs that happened on the go. Some things worked and some went horribly wrong. I am a planner, so I went to my principal last week and begged her to stay in first grade so that I have the chance to reflect, plan, and grow. My bitties come in on so many different levels and I know that I need to differentiate more and make many of my activities more independent so that they reach the students where they are.

For example: two weeks ago I taught the bitties to create 2d shapes using other 2d shapes. It takes 2 triangles to make a rhombus, 3 rhombuses to make a hexagon, and 6 triangles to make a hexagon. Last week we started on fractions and I had the idea to relate the two. 1/2 (Half) of a hexagon is a trapezoid. 1/3 of a hexagon is a rhombus. 1/6 of a hexagon is a triangle. If I were to teach first grade again next year, I would be able to create hands on activities in advance.

She told me that, while she appreciated my input, she’s pretty sure she’ll be placing me in Kindergarten. At first I wasn’t sure. I was Kinder at my old school. I loved it, but I had just begged for first. Then I got to thinking. I had plans and ideas for Kinder last summer that I didn’t get to use. I now have a better idea of what my students will need to learn for first. I won’t have to change my activities to be more independent, which will give me more time to do other things that I would want to do. The ideas began flowing and I realized how much I missed Kinder. I know that, Kinder or First, I’ll be happy. I have plans and ideas for both. I’m excited at the prospect of both.

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