Not Quite Neurotypical

Heather was born into normal (sea) society. 

She knew early on that she was different from the other people.  They had different hobbies.  Many picked on her and she didn’t know how to make friends. They always asked why she was always so angry, even though she felt happy. 

But the characters in her imagination didn’t seem to mind, so Heather decided she wouldn’t either. 

That is, except for all the times she was swept away by strong currents. She was thrown about the sea and lost all sense of direction until she was drained of all energy. 

After years of struggling to adapt, she found others that were just like her. Heather had never heard of aspies before. She read and learned all sorts of new things about herself.  She met others that made her feel not so alone. 

But Heather lived and worked in normal society where functioning Aspergers was viewed about the same as unicorns are. 

She wished she could tell others about her true identity, but her reality wasn’t much like Kelp’s. Most of those who she told didn’t believe her because she was too good at passing.  

Did she want to be an open, ostracized Aspie or a struggling pseudo-neurotypical? Heather couldn’t decide. 

She dreamed of the day that maybe…

just maybe…

she didn’t have to choose. 
Pictures from the book Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima. 

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