Oakley Goes to Northbark

In the five months that I lived with my dad, Oakley had a large fenced in back yard to play in all day long. When Jeremy and I were apartment shopping, we kept this in mind and one of the key features of this one is that it is only a few miles from a very large dog park called Northbark.



The park is huge compared to the ones he previously visited. It is split into three parts: big dogs, small dogs, and a lake. The first two times that we visited, we kept to the big dogs side because we didn’t have a towel with us. Both visits were on Mondays so it wasn’t very busy. He made friends with a few different dogs, ran at a slow contented pace, and enjoyed exploring the park.


Honestly, this surprised me because he used to take this opportunity to run at his fastest setting the entire time. Maybe he’s slowing down in his old age of four (his birthday was last week) or maybe it is a good sign that our efforts to keep up his activity level with playing and walks is working. I’m gonna stick with the latter.


Yesterday, we took him to the vet for his yearly and to register him in Texas. Afterwards, and as a precursor to his bath, we took him to the lake section of the park. Lots more dogs were there since it was a weekend.




I think he liked it enough to warrant the bath afterwards.

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