One Hundred

Tomorrow is the 100th day of school and, with that, brings one of my favorite crafts that I do with my itty bitties all year.

Throughout the day, the kids will count one hundred of many different things. Many teachers at my school make these necklaces. Some do a different color per group of tens, like I do. Unlike the others I have seen, I use a different type of bead for the fifth and tenth bead of each tens to help my students see the pattern and count by those groupings easier.

As long as they don’t repeat the same color back to back, I let them choose their colors. Some choose a more basic color scheme like the one above. Others choose to use as many colors as possible, like mine:


I use their initials at the end of the necklace so that if they get taken off or taken away, I can identify whose they are. Last year some of mine chose to wear them for weeks afterwards, so that comes in handy. I even saw one of my girls from last year wearing hers from last year this week!

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