I don’t know what to say today. 

I’ve been sad lately. Even when I’m happy, there’s a layer of sad on top and it comes back quickly. Is it the stress from work, Aunt Sadie dying and the feeling of losing my family, pregnancy hormones, something else, or all of the above? I don’t know. I can just hope it gets better soon and work each day towards letting go or fixing the things I know are hurting. 

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  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling sad 🙁 Not been feeling particularly great myself lately either, although I don’t really have anything to blame it on.

    Take it easy though x

  2. Thanks, Jem. 🙂 It worries me because it has lasted a while and is getting worse, not better. I’m usually better at getting over things and finding the happiness in things. I’ve rarely had the problem of the sad taking over the good. I had a good weekend, but whenever I stopped for a minute the sad feelings would come and overshadow the happy. This isn’t normal for me. I haven’t felt this in a long time.

    I’m not giving up, though. I’ll figure it out.

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