Second Half

One year ago today Oakley came home with me from the Ft. Pierce Humane Society. They estimated his age to be a year, an estimate because he was found as a stray six months prior. The first six months of his life are unknown. Was he part of a family and somehow got lost? Was he abandoned? Was his canine mom a stray? I don’t know.

The second half of his life up until then was spent at the shelter. They take care of the animals but they have so many that it is difficult to love them individually. He lived in a cage in the Florida heat for six months. He is considered a large dog, which isn’t the prime demographic to be adopted. Was he ever considered to be a part of another family? Why wasn’t he chosen?

That was the first half of his life.

The second half of his life so far began when I adopted him from the shelter. They kept him for another few days to neuter him, give him shots, and make sure everything was settled. When I brought him home, he was confused by the car so I had to pick him up and put him into the crate. Knowing him as I do now, that probably only happened because he was sedated from his surgery. Also knowing him as I do now, he wasn’t physically able to jump because of the sedatives.

Sometimes I wonder what it was like for him. He started off with such a grim beginning but luck brought us together. I’ve given him a home, love, and tons of new, happy experiences. (He even has a Facebook!) He pulled me together after Bear and took over my heart.

I love my Sweet Pea. Happy second birthday, Oak!


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