Septemblog Reflections

The month isn’t over, but there have been some thoughts on my mind about Septemblog.

  • Blogging makes me happy… It makes me look for the positive of the day and reflect on the tough days. It helps me process my thoughts. Whether that is seeing the good or finding solutions for the not-so-good, it helps.
  • …most of the time. Some days I come home exhausted or drained and the thought of blogging isn’t a happy one. On those days it feels like a chore. Earlier in the month, I wrote and backdated posts with what I would have blogged about if I had been up to it. This past Thursday I decided to leave the day blank, accept the hole in my Septemblog goal of blogging daily, and welcome that lesson. I tweeted about it Friday morning: “I missed #septemblog yesterday but that’s ok. I need blogging to stay something I want to do and enjoy, not one more thing I worry about.

    I won’t blog every day and that’s ok. I’m here for the joy of it anyways, not the numbers.

  • I don’t blog for the comments. I thought there would be a more social, friend aspect to it because I’d be blogging more often. I thought I would get comments. I haven’t gotten any more than I would have gotten. My visits have only increased a tad. In the past that would have bothered me, but I’m ok with it. (I haven’t been reading or commenting elsewhere, anyways.) I’m doing this for me and that won’t change.
  • Switching to WordPress was a good choice. I would not have been successful if it weren’t for using WordPress and having the WordPress app on my phone. I used to be glued to the computer when I got home from work but pregnancy has changed me. I’m on my feet all day and I’m growing daily along with my little boy. When I get home and everything I need to do is done, I’m in bed with my swollen feet up. Sitting at my computer is better than standing, but it doesn’t make me feel better the way relaxing in bed does. Most days I’ve been blogging from bed. I’m sure similar will be true once Little Snail arrives and I’m on the go with him.

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