Six Months


You’re laying on top of me right now, using my breast as a pillow because you fell asleep while drinking. You are sitting on my lap with your legs and feet dangling off the side and I can’t help thinking about the first time you breastfed and how much you have grown. I don’t remember that first feeding because of the meds they gave me, but your dad took a picture. You nursed from one side while your little knee covered my other nipple. 

You are six months old tomorrow, Little Snail. “Already?” everyone asks me, amazed how fast time is going. Yes, already!  Each month brings so many new things you’re able to do and experience. You can sit up with assistance and you’re really good at balancing your big head. You can roll over and love flipping right over to smile up at me or Daddy when you wake up in the morning. You can get in crawl position, but you’re still working out how to move forward. You babble happily constantly and hum along to Muse. Those first two teeth are so close to popping through. You have learned so many new things these first few months!

This past weekend brought two big firsts. We went to visit your Aunt Sarita in Alabama, a meet up that your Grandpa and Nana arranged so that they could see you. You met so many new people from my side of the family. 

On Saturday we went to the beach, your very first time. 

On Sunday, you ate your first solid food: avocado. 

And, while with babies there is so much focus on your abilities and experiences, there is no way I can skip who you are as a person.

You are happy:

You are curious, loving, and kind:

You fill my heart, Isaac David. 

Love, Mama

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