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Looking Ahead

April 14, 2015 Heather 0

This year was a struggle for me. I moved to a new state to teach a new grade to a new demographic. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t get the chance to plan from experience. Most of what I did was put together as I went, brainstorms and Read More

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Taken and Planning

July 26, 2013 Heather 1

While reading Erin Bowman’s debut novel Taken last week, I got to thinking about how writers of fantasy or dystopian worlds pre-plan. Do we start with the world and how it came to be or do we start with the premise and expand? Warning: I will be discussing the world Read More

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My Thoughts on Writing

May 10, 2012 Heather 0

In my entire life, my writing process was based on inspiration. I wrote when I was in that mindset, when I felt the book. I took that knowledge of my process and chalked it up to artistry. But, with the exception of To Dangle Upside Down, I would eventually get Read More