Paper Airplanes

October 30, 2014 Heather 1

I have a boy, E, in my class with Asperger’s. Having him in my class has been a good thing (I hope) for the both of us. We connect well because, in many ways, I am able to understand him in ways that others can’t. We think the same and Read More

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Chapter Books

October 19, 2014 Heather 1

My favorite part of the first chapter book of the year is opening to the first chapter, beginning to read, and being interrupted: “I can’t seeee!” I pause mid-sentence and smile, letting the bitties wait a moment, and then I turn the book to face them. Their faces when all Read More

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First Grade is…

September 14, 2014 Heather 2

A week before I started back at my new school, I learned that I would be teaching first grade instead of Kindergarten. This brought many changes to my plans, but I think that it suits me better. My last month has been jam packed with planning, organizing, creating, reading teacher Read More

Thoughts on Progress

August 18, 2011 Heather 0

This morning I finished reading A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith. It is a book about the changes in Florida between 1868 and 1968. But let me stop you right there before you finish that thought. It was not a history book. It was not boring. You should not Read More

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