The Past Week

The past week has been all over the place.

I turned 24. I was too upset over Bear to really care. My dad took me to Pizza Hut and brought up the subject of a new dog, something I didn’t really even want to consider.

My days turned into a constant reminder of Bear not being here anymore. He was almost 16 years old and, thus, was a very high-maintenance special needs bundle of cute fur. I didn’t realize until he was gone just how much of my day was devoted to him. Instead, I chain-watched 24 to distract myself. Addicting show, I’m telling you.

So, the idea of another dog started nagging at the back of my brain. Maybe having a dog to devote time to will help with the open spaces of time that used to be Bear. I went back and forth many times on this decision.

On Friday I actually got some motivation back and completed a web design for an up and coming author. (I will share it when it is up on her site.) I am so freaking proud of this layout I made that another itch has taken up residence in my brain and I am toying with the idea of making a separate site for my portfolio for design work. (Any name suggestions?)

This morning I went to the local Humane Society to see what pups were available, just to see. And look. And get ideas. Not to actually, you know, adopt any. Ahem.

I met many dogs this morning including a very lovable pit bull named Booger. Seriously, someone should adopt him. If he were on their website, I would link him right now.

But then I met Oakley. He was labeled a Catahoula Leopard dog but he might be mixed with something else because he is way cuter than the pictures online and he’s about half the size of the average. He’s about 1 year old. He’s very lovable and sweet. Calm for a 1 year old. He’s in the process of being neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated so that I can bring him home Monday afternoon.

That’ll give you a day and a half to prepare for the onslaught of Oakley posts. 🙂

PS. I already decided his nickname will be Oakley Dokely. If you don’t think that’s adorable, say it.

PPS. If you’re my friend on Facebook, I posted a picture.

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  1. Oakley is such a cute dog! I was going to say little but he didn’t look like he’s little at all. Haha

    Can’t wait for your Oakley related posts! I’m sure my sister would love them. She’s addicted to knowing a lot about dogs. :))

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