What now?

My family will survive the next four years. I can say that with some confidence because we’re straight, white, middle class, don’t have pre-existing conditions, and don’t get out too much. It might not be comfortable, but we will survive. I can’t say the same for many of my friends. I’m not sure how the children I teach will fare.

These facts sicken me.

There’s been a lot of blame going around this morning. People are upset at those that voted for that man, those that voted 3rd party, the Democrats that stayed home… the list goes on. I blame the DNC. Some are saying that this is proof that we, as a society, can forgive a man anything but forgive a woman nothing. I agree to an extent but, if you forgive both of them everything, we’re still left with those that were swayed to Trump because he isn’t a part of the flawed system.

The DNC exemplified how massive that problem is when they rigged the primaries so that Bernie could not possibly win… To elect the first woman president? To save their jobs? To get corporate money? No matter the reason, they did this to us. They took away the only sensible candidate that was proffered this election season. If he had been the Democratic nominee, I would even go as far as to say that the US map would have been as blue as any of Roosevelt’s last night.



Alas, what’s done is done. No matter who is to blame, Trump will be our president come January 20, 2017. What now?

Be aware. Speak up. Help each other survive.

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