Worthy Motivation

There’s an article I’ve seen shared a few times now on Facebook written by a pastor with ASD. I relate to him in so many ways, but this weekend I’ve been thinking about one specific thing he wrote: you might see me at church, but you won’t see pictures on social media of me out and about. The same usually goes for me. I’m at work or at home. Everything takes so much mental and physical energy that I have to make choices about where to expend it. 

This month I’m accepting the repercussions of doing too much… and it’s worth it. 

This weekend we took Isaac to a pumpkin patch / fall festival. He was too little to ride horses, to stay still for face painting, or to care about a hay ride, but he got to explore some pumpkins and pet some sheep. 

For most people that probably seems like nothing but, for me, it is so draining. I was an overstimulated husk. After I fed Isaac  when we got home, I retreated to the bedroom to watch a show or two and ended up just falling asleep. 

But, he’s worth it. I have no regrets about going and know I will feel exactly the same way next Sunday after we take him trick or treating for the first time with his cousin Atlas. 

Perhaps things like this will end up growing my stamina. I can definitely handle more than I could in the past. Even if it doesn’t, my little snail is worth it. 

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